American Birds


American Birds app is the application which displays bird names in regional languages (vernacular names) such as Spanish and French. "American Birds" app works in offline mode and can be moved to SD Card. "American Birds" app is very easy to use as a "field guide" at birding sites as it has various information like bird's relative size, sexual differences, habitat, food, interesting facts, nesting period, etc. captured for each bird.

"American Birds" app as name suggests - covers most of the common species of birds found in North and Central America. The application is in sync with our own bird repository and hence includes the birds which you will find in our website @ http://birds.TheNatureWeb.Net

Some key features of "American Birds" app include:

1. List of bird names in Spanish and French
2. Bird categorization for easy navigation
3. Searchable List of birds.
4. List of State Birds of America
5. Bird Details screen with birds calls and photo gallery - use floating menu to view photo gallery and YouTube video link (if available)
6. Settings screen allows user to configure search field (bird name or alternate bird names or scientific name) for list of birds.

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