Compass [होकायंत्र]


Compass is called as -
1. होकायंत्र in Marathi [मराठी]
2. दिक्सूचक or कुतुबनुमा in Hindi [हिंदी]
3. নৌদিগ্দর্শী in Bangla [বাংলা]
4. હોકાયંત્ર in Gujrati [ગુજરાતી]
5. ਕੰਪਾਸ in Punjabi [ਪੰਜਾਬੀ]
This is a good app for "Indian users" as it displays all 8 directions [दिशा] in above regional languages.

In marathi [मराठी] and Hindi [हिंदी]; we read all 8 directions [दिशा] as:

1. East = Purva [पूर्व]
2. North East = Ishanya [ईशान्य]
3. North = Uttar [उत्तर]
4. North West = Vayavya [वायव्य]
5. West = Pashchim [पश्चिम]
6. South West = Nairutya [नैऋत्य]
7. South = Dakshin [दक्षिण]
8. South East = Aagney [आग्नेय]

Use this app just like a real compass and for best results keep your device on a flat surface. This is a very simple to use app and uses very less battery.

This app reads earth magnetic field using the 'Magnetic Sensor' inside your phone. Hence this app will not work - in case if your device doesn't have 'Magnetic Sensor'.

Also, please note that objects such as - iron/steel peripherals or utensils, big speakers may influence the 'Magnetic Sensor' and cause app to point in wrong direction. In such case, please move away to avoid deviation.

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