Hindi Muhavare [हिंदी मुहावरे]


Every language has specific phrases often carved out of the culture. Phrases uses common references and examples related to the groups of people speaking the language.

Hindi Muhavarein [हिंदी मुहावरें] has a wide collection of common phrases in Hindi language. Some key features of the application include:

1. List of muhavare along with their meaning
2. Ability to search muhavare
3. Ability to add muhavare as favorite or share with different applications using context menu.
4. Desktop widget showing Muhavara of the day (refreshes every 24hrs).

Application needs indic font support and hence it is best viewed in Android 4.1 [Jelly Bean] version onwards.

But application is still made available to the older versions supporting 2.3 [Gingerbread] and onwards.

Please note; many old devices doesn't render indic fonts correctly and this is an known issue with android operating system.

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