Indian Butterflies


This is the only application available on android market so far which displays the butterfly names in Marathi. It works in offline mode and can be moved to SD Card. It is very easy to use as a "field guide" at butterflying sites.

The application covers many of the common species of butterflies found in India. The application is in sync with our own butterfly repository and hence includes the butterflies which you will find in our website @ http://butterflies.TheNatureWeb.Net

Minor releases of the application are scheduled every 3 months to include new butterfly species. Emergency fixes would be deployed immediately to resolve the bugs and defects encountered.

Some key features of application include:

1. List of butterfly names in Marathi with ability to search.
2. Butterfly categorization for easy navigation
3. List of butterflies with ability to search.
4. Ability to change the search field for searching butterflies using Settings screen. Default search field is common name. You can change it to Scientific Name.
5. Ability to mark butterfly as favorite using context menu and using butterfly details screen.
6. Butterfly Details screen with photo gallery - click on photo to see the photo gallery.
7. Desktop widget showing random butterfly

The application also offers search based on Marathi names.

Desktop widget is one more cool feature which displays "Butterfly Info" on home screen. The butterfly displayed in widget is randomly selected from the application's butterfly collection. NOTE: This feature does NOT work when the application is moved SD Card.

Finally, stay tuned to the application; we are adding more and more butterflies to the application.

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