Indian Frogs


Indian Frogs app is the only application available on android market which displays variety of frogs found in India. "Indian Frogs" app works in offline mode and can be moved to SD Card. With great user interface, "Indian Frogs" app is very easy to use as a "field guide" as well.

"Indian Frogs" app as name suggests - covers most of the common species of frogs found in India. Some key features of "Indian Frogs" app include:

1. List of frog names by scientific name
2. Frog categorization for easy navigation
3. Searchable List of frogs
4. Frog details screen with photo gallery - use action bar icon to view photo gallery and YouTube video link (if available)
5. Settings screen allows user to configure search field (frog name or alternate frog names or scientific name) for list of frogs

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